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What Is Match Attax?

Match Attax, not to be confused with my MATCH ATTAX! Episodes, is a trading card game. It is developed by Topps and is the sucessor of the previous official Premier League trading card game, Shoot Out. In a game of Match Attax, players select a team of 11 players, 3 substitutes and this years recent addition of a manager card. One person chooses to 'Attack' while the other person will 'Defend' in responce, and vice versa. Once all the cards have been played the score is counted up and a winner is determined! A full How to Play guide can be found at

For every season, there are 3 types of cards. More types of cards are added during Match Attax Extra. Here is a complete lowdown of the cards available, as well as how rare and what collections they can be found in.

Base Cards

You will find base cards in every packet of Match Attax. Appearing in eveey season, these are the most common of all the cards in the whole set. No shiny effects ect, but Match Attax wouldn't be Match Attax without them!
Worth: <10p              Found in: All Seasons. (Including 'Extra technically)


Icards/Star Players

Like regulars but shiny. they are both the same type of card, but for the 09/10 season they were given codes which you can enter to unlock more players for Match Attax Live. Star Players are placed with a team but the players do not have a base version. e.g there is no Steven Gerrard Base Card for 08/09, as he is a Star Player. They are usually the best 2 players for a team.
Worth: Around 20-50p          Found in: All seasons


New Signing

These cards only ever appear in Match Attax Extra. They are classed as base cards. They reflect all transfers to the Premier League during the January transfer window, but not the summer one.

Worth: <10p             Found in: 07/08 Extra, 08/09 Extra

Club Captain

These cards only appear in Match Attax Extra. Featured is every team's Captain. In 07/08 Extra, these were foil cards, but in Match Attax Extra 08/09, they were regulars again because the foil effect was reserved for the Fans Favourites. These cards boost the player's normal rating. The boost changes by year. In 07/08 there was no official change, but in 08/09 the boost was fixed at +3. these can be helpful in games as some go past 90, which is the limit for base and Icards.
Worth: 10-30p?             Found in: 07/08 Extra, 08/09 Extra

Fans Favourites

These cards debuted in 08/09 extra. They are the only cards determined by the public. On the Match Attax official website, you can vote for your favourite player, and the players from each team with the highest number of votes is given a shiny Fans Favourite place in the 'Extra Collection as well as a boost of +5.

Worth: Around 20-50p          Found in: 08/09 Extra

Man Of The Matches

Man of the Match cards are rainbow foil cards and add a big boost to a player's normal ratings. There are 3 for each team, and In Match Attax Extra a futher one may be added. These cards aren't very rare, but highly desireable! (Packet odds 1:5)

Worth: £1-5          Found in: All seasons

Hat Trick Heros

These cards are very interesting. They are rainbow foil versions of base cards, but when used in a game, winning with it grabs you 3 points instead of 1: awesome! All the HTH cards are determined by the player scoring a hat trick in the same premier league season! They are thought to be slightly rarer than MotMs (Man of the Matches)

Worth: £3-10          Found in: 07/08 Extra, 08/09 Extra

Player Of The Months

Player Of The Months (PotM) were only ever released in 07/08 Extra. Each was literally it, the player of the month! But only 5 ever existed, as they were to debut in the Extra series which left them to be pretty pointless. the idea was scrapped after that and they did not feature in 08/09 Extra. The cards however do add a generous boost to the player's original score!

Worth: <£5         Found in: 07/08 Extra

Hundred Clubs

The ultimate cards, all hundred club cards have a score of 100 (or more!), as well as having packet odds of 1:100 too! Pictured are the unbeatable 101 players from each season! Hundred clubs are highly desirable and will make you the envy of your friends! In 07/08 the word 'Hundred club' was never written on cards with a score of 100 but they are still clased as 100 clubs(HC) There are around 5 in each collection. 

Worth:  £2-15         Found in: All seasons except 07/08 Extra

Limited Editions

 These are the rarest cards you can get. Limited editions are found in various places and exacly where determines how rare they are. There are some that everyone has, and some that a very small number of people do. Some places include Starter Packs, collecter guides, tins and boxes at certain retailers such as WHSmith and Martins & McColls. However some were released unofficialy by accident and will go for a lot now.

Worth:  £2-300         Found in: All seasons